Crazy Guy Tries to Marinate his Cat


Are cats even good to eat? That’s one of the many questions that this story out of Buffalo raises. Gary Korkuc, 51, was pulled over for a traffic violation, with his 4-year-old male cat, Navarro, in the trunk. Navarro was alive, but covered in oil and seasonings, because Korkuc was planning to cook him. And everyone knows meat tastes better if you marinate it first.

Poor Navarro was being seasoned with chili peppers and crushed red peppers, which would be delicious if he was a steak. Korkuc told the cops that he was going to cook the cat because he was “ill-tempered.” We’ve heard that catnip also works to alleviate this problem.

According to NBC, “[Korkuc] complained that the neutered male cat got pregnant after he was spayed, so, he may have been delusional.” May have been delusional?

Korkuc has been charged with animal cruelty, and Navarro has been given a bath. Someone adopt the tasty and probably tender and slightly spicy kitty, please!