Girl Quits Work Via Amazing Dry Erase Board Memo; Outs Boss’s Farmville Addiction


It’s a week for common man (or woman) heroes, it seems. Coming on the heels of everybody’s favorite flight attendant’s dramatic heave-ho of his job, there’s this feisty gal, suddenly her very own Internet sensation, who apparently quit by emailing photos of herself holding up dry-erase boards denoting some choice revelations about her boss to the entire office.

Among the damage cited: Her boss’s nickname for her (HOPA: Hot Piece of Ass), his bad breath, and his propensity to play Farmville in the workplace.

Well, yay for people power, whether this girl, “Jenny,” is real or not! Also, really, Farmville, Spencer? Lame.

Dang, when we “quit” our last job all we did was get really drunk and nearly burn down our apartment by accident during a late-night cooking adventure. But then, we never had Steven Slater or Jenny to inspire us. The only suggestion/improvement we might make would be…dry erase boards? So old school. Couldn’t you Tweet that shit out or auto-tune it or something? Oh, just wait…

[via The Chive — click for the entire photo series!]