Migrating Bride-Scamming Store Owner Is on Track to a Legal Smackdown


State Senator Jeffrey Klein is building a criminal case against Michelle Mears, who has a history of duping brides. Well, we know who has the bridal vote in the bag! Klein says she takes clients’ deposits, then closes up shop, only to change the name and re-open elsewhere, having done so seven times in three years.

The most recent shop, located in Throgs Neck, is called the Lily Fleur Wedding Dress Shop, demure only in name if the accusations against Mears are any indication. The shop owner locked the doors last week, and has not been seen in two days.

More than a dozen incensed brides confronted shop owner Mears outside her business two weeks ago to scream in her face about stolen deposits and unwearable dresses. Angry ‘zillas are a force to be reckoned with, and Mears’s really stepped into the lion’s den with her wishy-washy and possibly illegal sales practices. We’d recommend steering clear for the duration.