Morning Links: Anti-Mosque Ads Approved for NYC Buses; Levi Johnston to Run for Mayor; Mayor Bloomberg, Goose Killer


• Ads objecting to the planned mosque near Ground Zero are expected on NYC buses this week. They show a plane flying toward flaming World Trade Center towers. They were paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, who sued the MTA last week for originally rejecting the ad as “inappropriate.” Since the image is “part of American history,” said Pamela Geller, who runs the Initiative, it won’t upset people. Right. [NBC, NYT]

• Levi Johnston will run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, in — what else? — a reality show. [Variety]

• The leaky BP well in the Gulf could be permanently sealed by end of week. [CNN]

• Dick Cheney is out of the hospital after having a pump placed in his heart. [Politico]

• Protesters call Mayor Bloomberg a “goose killer.” [NYDN]

• The bullet that shot and killed Luis Soto in Harlem on Sunday was probably fired by a police officer. He was shot 6 times. Angel Alvarez, who was shot 21 times, survived. [NYT]

• Remember the “subway perv”? Javier Zempalteca, 44, who allegedly grabbed the butt of a 21-year-old woman waiting for the E at Steinway station last month (she took a cell phone picture of her groper), has been arrested. [ABC]