New York Mag and Other Media Offer Their Takes on NYPD Whistleblower’s Lawsuit


The word, reported here yesterday in Runnin’ Scared, that NYPD whistleblower Adrian Schoolcraft was filing a $50 million lawsuit against the NYPD and Jamaica Hospital was picked up this morning by colleagues at other news organizations.

Schoolcraft’s lawsuit alleges that police officials violated his rights and carted him off to a psychiatric ward after he reported allegations of misconduct in Brooklyn’s 81st Precinct in October, 2009. Among those named in the lawsuit are Deputy Chief Michael Marino, who gave the order to have him committed, and precinct commander Steven Mauriello, pictured above at far left getting an award in 2009 from Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Gawker’s take is here. Notably, Gawker reports that the NYPD is denying one key allegation in the lawsuit: that Commissioner Ray Kelly’s top aide, department spokesman Paul Browne, was present when Schoolcraft was hauled away to a psychiatric ward.

New York magazine offered this.

And the New York Daily News had an article on the lawsuit as well.

Schoolcraft, as Voice readers know, wore a digital recorder in Brooklyn’s 81st Precinct, and turned over the tapes to this newspaper, resulting in the four part series, “The NYPD Tapes.” Part One is here.