Update: Former Senator Ted Stevens Killed in Alaskan Plane Crash


Reports confirm that former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, 86, was on board the plane that crashed in southern Alaska last night while en route to a lodge near Lake Aleknagik. Five of the nine people on the flight are believed dead, though the senator’s fate remains unknown — there are conflicting reports as to his death, with a family friend saying first that he had been killed and later that the death had not been confirmed. Update: The New York Times is reporting that Stevens died in the crash, and, per NBC, former NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe and his teenage son, Kevin, survived.

Rescue crews didn’t get to the site of the crash until more than 10 hours after it took place due to bad weather in the area.

Eerily, Stevens lived through a plane crash in ’78 that killed five people, including his first wife, and even before that had a premonition that he’d die in a plane crash.

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