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Checks for Execs–the Top Earners in NYC’s Nonprofit Theater World


All information is from the nonprofit groups’ most recent and available tax filings.

“There’s no profit like nonprofit,” it’s been famously said. And indeed, the nonprofit world can be a fine place to pull down a handsome paycheck. Curious to see what compensation packages are like these days for artistic directors and other honchos in New York’s nonprofit theater world, we’ve researched the most recent publicly available tax filings for a number of the city’s theater institutions. The results for the 10 best-paying of these theaters are compiled in the chart above, which also includes information about the net assets of each organization, to give a sense of the scale of the operation each person helps run. (It’s important to note that some theater companies recorded their annual financial data beginning in July, others in September, but the latest details all encompass a one-year period.) 

It’s worth stressing that compensation in all cases is decided by a nonprofit theater’s board of directors. Depending on the company, compensation totals include salary and other benefits, such as health and retirement payments, and any bonuses in addition to base pay.