Cocktail Bars Cropping Up All Over Town


The Times notes the popularity of beer gardens these days, a trend it says has coincided with the rise of the modern speakeasy. But suds still can’t compete with spirits, it would appear, as a whole new crop of cocktail lounges tries to tempt you with its prettily mixed concoctions.

On the East Side: L’Oubli is soft-opening on the Lower East Side ce soir. Per Thrillist, there will be French-accented snacks like country paté, duck rillettes, and oysters gratin to help sustain you as you sip classic, modern, and signature cocktails. (In the last category, for example, the Movie Theatre Classic blends corn whiskey, mezcal, and Averna, with white pepper and a root beer top.)

On the West Side: Turks & Frogs owner Osman Cakir claims to have the answer to the question “What comes after tiki?” Art-nouveau-style, first-class-train-car-themed Orient Express will specialize in “syrups and tinctures inspired by train routes through Continental Europe,” according to Daily Candy, such as a Le Voyage, comprising rhubarb vanilla syrup, Cocchi Americano, soaked peaches, and champagne.

Midtown: Downtown isn’t the only neighborhood that can swing a shaker. Salon Millesime will bring vintage-style and classic drinks to the Carlton Hotel (think French 75’s and a jazz pianist). UrbanDaddy reports that bar snacks will include pork-belly lollipops and croque-monsieurs.

And that’s just what’s opening now. Expect fall to bring tons more in the way of locations for potent mixed libations.