Just How Good Is the Data on the Health Department’s Restaurant Inspection Website?


The Department of Health may have changed its rules to better accommodate makers of Peking duck, but ethnic restaurateurs are still worried about getting a raw deal when it comes to inspections. Eye Heart New York has taken the time to analyze the data on the DOH’s new Restaurant Inspection website and says some important information might be missing, such as the average number of inspections in a given time period, which would allow one to gauge whether certain neighborhoods or types of cuisine are subject to closer scrutiny than others. And then there’s this:

It’s a little spotty. What is “American”? Do many of the sandwich places fall under that category? Is there really only one Scandinavian place in the whole city? To the health dept’s credit, they do have a way for users to report erroneous categorizations. Ippudo, the famous E. Village ramen place, for instance, is labeled as a Chinese restaurant.

If you’re into facts and figures — or if you’re the type of geek who might like to contest EHNY’s aggregations — check out the full report.

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