Morning Links: Dry Erase Board Girl Is Fake; Sketchers Shape-Ups Don’t Work; and Other Disconcerting Finds


Jenny the Dry Erase Board Girl is really an actress named Elyse Porterfield, i.e., the whole thing’s a fake. D’oh! But it was fun while it lasted. [Observer]

• BP station owners were screwed by the oil spill, too, getting their share of boycotts, protests, vandalism, and customer tirades, even though they had nothing to do with the leaky well. Sales remain down at BP stations nationwide. [NYT]

• Flooding has affected some 14 million people in Pakistan; the death toll is now at more than 1,300. [CNN]

• Landslides in northern China have killed 1,117. [Yahoo]

• Facebook and AOL are talking alliance. [NYP]

• There’s a new superbug, say British scientists, that could soon appear worldwide. [WP]

• Hate to break it to you, people, but those Sketchers Shape-Ups don’t work. And they’re ugly. [NYDN]

• Subways: Good for transporting people, and couches. Bad for being on when that happens. [Scott Kidder]