Press Clips, Late Day Edition, Day 3: Biters, Fakers, and Mistake-Makers


Day 3 of Press Clips, and we’re….here. I think that chewed pencil is going to be our logo. Anyway: Your late Wednesday media column where we pick apart the things we want to pick apart has arrived. Onward:

Changing of Pace: File under Trend Pieces We’re Okay With: “Media Industry to Grow Faster than US Economy.” Thaw away, media industry! Whether or not it’s true, the bottom line is that pieces like these give more people more confidence in investing in media, and thus, great news: media jobs. Until the economy catches up and outpaces the media industry which gets sourced out to robots or content farms, OR the media bubble bursts. Whoever writes that first “Media Bubble Forthcoming” piece, you, sir or madam, are a winner in the making.

Media Moves: Nice scoop by Joe Pompeo of Business Insider on star Wall Street Journal business reporter Peter Lattman’s treasonous move to the New York Times to work under financial reporting it-boy Andrew Ross Sorkin. On that note, as promised by Business Insider owner Henry Blodget following their announcement of a $3M funding, looks like The Business Insider is hiring an editor-in-chief for their Silicon Alley Insider vertical. Current SAI editor Nicholas Carlson is moving up to the title of Deputy Editor. Do you want to help make a young blogger’s career by becoming a high profile editor there and consequently getting fired in a dispute that echoes editorial struggles across the country? Give ’em a call. Also hiring? Mike Hudack at Blip.TV, and Gawker, who needs a TV booker to help get them on television in appearances that will hopefully go considerably better than this one did. Gawker announced that they were hiring a senior editor and reporter back in June, but nothing’s happened with that so far. Also, Newsday is hiring, if you’re fluent in the AP’s “Lithium Style” writing guide.

We Used to Salon: Uh, have you clicked on Salon lately? Maybe you can’t recognize it as Salon because THE ARCADE FIRE ATE IT:

Click to enlarge that, if you dare. It’s always funny when brands you typically don’t think of as over-reaching go ahead and dominate the front door of a site with a full-on skin ad. And yes: The Arcade Fire is now a brand.

Permanent Vacation? Gorkana — the email service sending out journalist job-alerts and media moving news — sent out the rare correction this morning: “Neal Templin is still an Editor on Page One at The Wall Street Journal and can continue to be reached on +1 (212) 416 3001 and It was previously alerted that Neal had left The Wall Street Journal. Gorkana regrets the error.” How did Gorkana end up erroneously reporting a Page One editor leaving the Journal? A tipster giggles: “Apparently, they picked up his vacation away message and misinterpreted it. He’s been at the paper for decades and is a hound for meticulous accuracy.” No doubt after Peter Lattman’s aforementioned high profile departure, they’re gonna wanna make sure nobody gets the wrong idea about any kind of exodus.

Arquette vs. Steele: Here’s a story about Curbed Media owner Lockhart Steele playing poker with David Arquette, who is now, for the record, New York tech and media’s version of Ashton Kutcher.

Sister Beef: Fellow VVM-owned paper LA Weekly is beefing with the Young Republican-run dicks of the Washington Times after they characterized a neighborhood as The Hood when it, in fact, is not. And together we sing the VVM School Song: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Schooled In Libel: Today’s Winners come to us from Reno, Nevada, and they might be the first people to technically and categorically win in Reno since whenever the last time someone escaped Reno. See, a local music teacher had her lawsuit against the student newspaper of the high school she works for tossed out. She was suing because the paper “damaged her reputation” over the way she submitted applicants to Honors Choir, but whatever, it’s impressive is that a high school newspaper actually got to write something worth reading. The teacher’s union tried to block publication on the article and couldn’t. Hooray for Young Folks, this one’s for them: