Rat: It’s What’s for Dinner, Apparently


Yesterday, we brought you a marinated cat, and today, ever the culinarians, we have a disgusting new addition to our “animals that should not be eaten” repertoire — rats, “the other white meat,” or something.

The first rat photo, from Gothamist, is repulsive for the obvious reasons, but upon closer inspection, two more big “reasons” to turn your head are hanging between the half buried little creature’s legs and under its tail. Hope you’re enjoying your lunch, by the way.

Next up, we have an equally disturbing video from NYC The Blog of an old woman gently scooping up a dead rat and placing it into a McDonald’s apple pie box provided by a passerby. Hopefully that’s the rat’s final resting place — if someone mistakes the creature for a tasty warm dessert, things could get even uglier and more like a twisted version of the photo above.

Maybe rat is simply an upcoming New York culinary trend. Remember, you heard it here first!