Buffet Behavior: When Does Aggressive Become Hideous?


I live for buffets and pride myself on always being the first one to hit the food the second the trays are lifted.

But I try to exude a little decorum about it.

What irritates me are the people who act like each free buffet is going to be their last meal.

They hover over the food like hyenas circling a dead antelope, making sure it’s all theirs for the taking for hours at a time.

They continually shove chunks and globules into their mouth, not caring what it is, as long as it’s free and available.

And they elbow you out of position to guarantee that on the odd chance that there’s more room in their stomach, they’ll be right there for the intake.

This applies to both private-party spreads and all-you-can-eat buffets at chain restaurants.

Somehow, all that plenty makes people plenty rude.

It’s a situation that brings out the worst (or should I say the “wurst”) in people.

Have you ever witnessed any hideous buffet behavior?

From yourself, for example?

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