Charlie Rangel Responds to Barack Obama’s “Retire With Dignity” (Video)


Is New York congressman Charlie Rangel great blogging fodder this week, or what? First there was Charlie Rangel talking about Charlie Rangel in the third-person. Earlier this morning, Tom Robbins gave us the scoop on the Rangel news being broken during Rangel’s birthday party last night. Later, we found an attack ad on New York senator Kristen Gillibrand that had been produced with footage from said party, turned around in less than a day. And now, there’s the video of Rangel responding to Barack Obama’s comment that he should “retire with dignity.”

WNYC’s Azi Paybarah — who’s been relentless on this beat — has the story:

He says to retire with dignity,” Rangel said, referring to Obama. “There’s no way in the world for a president and a constitutional lawyer to say that dignity is not fighting for your rights to prove that you’re not guilty of the charges.”

“I mean that’s dignity. Not cutting a deal, cutting and running,” Rangel added. “Dignity is saying ‘hey, I made mistakes I apologize, I’m not proud of it and I’m prepared to pay the consequences.'”

It would appear Charles Rangel has no interest is our President’s definition of “dignity.” But, point to him on this one: whether or not he’s right or not on his tactics fighting the allegations against him, time’ll tell. But he certainly put President Obama’s past career as a constitutional lawyer — or President Obama’s underlying (lack of) regard for Rangel — in perspective.