Fantasia Barrino Flirts With Death


As the gossip rages on about which washed-up celebrity will be the next judge on American Idol, the real news about the show is that one-time winner Fantasia Barrino just recovered from a messy suicide attempt.

Fantasia’s account is that she was upset to hear a woman say the singer broke up her marriage and may have even made a sex tape with the guy. According to the jilted bride, Fantasia and the man even had matching tattoos!

Fantasia, of course, insists she thought the couple was already separated when she went in for the kill.

I love Fantasia, having seen her powerhouse performance on Broadway in The Color Purple — one of the great replacement turns in history (a far better one than Ellen on A.I.)

But the only good thing that can come out of this scandal is to turn it into an audition scenario for possible new judges.

Come on, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Tyler, and Brett Michaels.

Tell us what you think about Fantasia’s risky dabblings, and we’ll see how well you can rate singers’ performances.