I’m Dying to See Adam Lambert in Full Drag


I know about the old photos that surfaced last year of Adam Lambert fully done up as a woman, but I’m jonesing to see him NOW in drag, rather than just hinting around with tons of makeup and accessories all the time.

Paging Dr. Freud, but I’m constantly craving the sight of Adam with titties, heels, a perm, and drop earrings — just because it seems like he’s been flirting around that particular beauty-shop arena for quite a while and he should make a full-fledged stop there before moving on to his next arresting image.

Most good-looking men like him don’t always make the most attractive drag queens, but I’m willing to take the chance and see if he can look at least as good as Lady Gaga.

It’ll be cathartic for everyone involved — so, next time I hear Lambert singing “What do you want from me?” I’m going to scream, “Full drag, girl!”

And make ’em big!