Jane Lane: “Post-nuclear Fashion Victim” Drag Queen: Alleged Ear Biter of Manhattan Model


Apparently, a nibble wasn’t enough for James Leahy (drag name Jane Lane), who channeled his inner cannibal at Highbar on 48th St. Sunday night. Today, the Daily News broke the story that he is out on bail awaiting trial, and that the mangled lobe of the bitten model, Ronnie Brown, has been reattached.

“I reached for my ear and it was not there,” Brown, who is afraid of losing modeling work, told the Daily News. “It looks like a dog mangled it…He needs professional help”

Leahy, who identifies himself as a “post-nuclear fashion victim” on his ‘Jane’ MySpace page, has widely varied interests, “Pumpkin Muffins, Reading, Running, Saying “Duh!”, Sea Isle With My Girlies, [think he knows Snooki?] Shopping, Singing Music from the 90s, Southern Sweet Tea, Sushi, Therapy, Thinspiration, William Butler Yeats, Writing”…and the list goes on. But none suggest that he’s capable of chomping off someone’s ear.

A friend of Leahy points out, “Right now, everybody has heard Ronnie’s side of the story,” Michael Formika-Jones, also a frequent clubber, told the Daily News. “There are two sides to every story – even Lorena Bobbitt had her side of the story.” Even Mike Tyson had his side of the story, but he also had two in-tact ears.

And, as Daily Intel points out, this was all on a Sunday.

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