Johan Santana Now Being Sued by Woman in Florida


The latest development in Johan Santana’s alleged sex-and-golf nightmare: his accuser has now filed a civil suit in Lee County, Florida.

This, after state prosecutors declined to prosecute criminally based on a lack of evidence: a police report stated that after the incident, the woman underwent a medical examination and no evidence was found of assault or sexual activity.

There were witnesses, but according to Kathy Redmond of the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes (whom the accuser has sought aid from), the witnesses were all from Santana’s “entourage.” Were they among those questioned by Lee County investigators? No one has yet confirmed or denied.

The most reasoned judgment we’ve seen on this whole matter so far is from Tim Smith in today’s Daily News: “If Santana did these heinous things, then he is a despicable human being. But if he didn’t, then the mere accusation will be a stain that he’ll never be able to fully remove from his character. That is why anyone treading on either side of these allegations should proceed with caution and not rush to judgment.”