Morning Links: The Kardashian/Bieber Connection; Grimaldi’s Possible Eviction, and Other A.M. Shake-Ups


Rangel Holds 80th Birthday Party cum Campaign Fundraiser in the Grand Ballroom at The Plaza hotel. A “Make checks payable to Rangel Victory Fund,” hung outside the ballroom. For guests, the rule was no cash, no bash — all attendees had to cough up at least $200. [Daily News]

The MTA initially fought anti-Islamic center bus ads, but succumbed to posting them when threatened with a law suit. [NY Times]

California Judge Vaughn Walker is scheduled to rule today on reversal of same-sex marriage ban. [CNN]

Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber photo spread will appear in Elle magazine’s September issue. See, some magazines still know how to make money! [Elle]

Grimaldi’s, famous pizzeria near the Brooklyn Bridge, faces possible eviction. This-cannot-be-happening. [Post]

Transit Union scrutinizes MTA CEO Jay Walder’s spending including $1.6M NYC condo and home in France. [Daily News]

Toddlers now wear skinny jeans, prompting WSJ to ask, “Do These Jeans Make My Diaper Look Big?” [WSJ]