Murders Up 17 Percent, NYPD Crime Stats Show


Periodically, we here at Runnin Scared take a look at the city’s crime statistics. Well, almost three quarters of the way through the year, crime citywide is at about the same level as it was this time last year. But murders are up 17 percent. And, in all, six of the seven major crime categories, including rape and robbery are on the rise this year.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly can’t be too happy that crime in Central Park is up by 52 percent, because of a jump in thefts and a slight increase in robberies.

Crime on the upper west side is up 8 percent, driven by a 38 percent increase in robberies. In Coney Island, the numbers show at 16 percent jump. In Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant, crime is up 12 percent. And crime along the north shore of Staten Island is up 10 percent.