NYC Finally Gets to Vote on Term Limits Exactly One Year Too Late


Remember that time our plutocrat mayor basically gamed the system by having the city council he put into place give him the go-ahead to run for a third term? Well, now, voters — and not the city council — will have a say on whether or not New York’s political power-mongers will get to keep their office for a third term.

Yes, New Yorkers now have the right to vote on an issue they never thought would be out of their hands in the first place, and it comes a year after Bloomberg decidedly kept this decision out of the hands out New York’s voters regarding one of the most powerful positions in the state, and as far as city officials go, the country. The best part, of course, is that this vote was Bloomberg’s doing. To, you know, make up for it. If this counts for “political capital,” we are a city of nihilists. Richard Yeh at WNYC reports:

The city’s Charter Revision Commission, appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg after he successfully campaigned for and was elected to a third term, voted Wednesday night to decide on the ballot questions that will be posed to the city’s voters in this year’s general election.

They’re still deciding on the language of the question, which they’re no doubt going to make (inadvertently or otherwise) as convoluted as humanly possible. The New York Post points out that voters have upheld term limits twice and are in favor of them by a 70 to 22 percent margin according to a Quinnipiac poll put out in March. So if you see this term limits fall in November, well, be surprised, especially because there’s not one city politician savvy enough to figure out how to get around them. Except, of course, for Bloomberg. Which he already did.

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