SXSW 2011 Will Feature A Panel Titled “The Case Against Christopher Weingarten”


Well allow him to retort.

Oh my. Beloved SOTC cohort Christopher R. Weingarten, he of the remarkably profane rants against music-blog culture, has ascended to such heights that he has now inspired an SXSW answer panel. This March, get down to Austin, Texas, by any means necessary for… Curatorial Culture: The Case Against Christopher Weingarten. Thesis:

The kids who invested hours downloading discographies and reading band bios have emerged from their parents’ “computer rooms” to become bonafide tastemakers. Armed with diverse external hard drives and an Internet savvy built on constantly prowling for more, these home office dwellers are inspiring droves of people to seek out new music. Seeing as Nickelback was last decade’s “most successful band,” and Rolling Stone Magazine extensively covers the Twilight movies, this army of blogging youths is vastly considered to be a blessing. There are some however, who feel that an onslaught of easily available information, paired with droves of impassioned individuals, equates to the end of valid cultural criticism. Specifically, people like Village Voice/Rolling Stone contributor, Christopher Weingarten. Mr. Weingarten is unimpressed by the surge of expression, focusing instead on what he calls “the bland middling taste of the Internet hive mind.” Through statistical as well as observational research, it is our intent to show Mr. Weingarten that he is misinformed. His “bland middling taste” is a result of averaging across a suddenly much larger population of curators. Cultural criticism is in fact far more diverse and productive when trusted to a Representative Democracy. This outbreak of curators is nothing short of a revolution and should be championed by those in the business of making music.

Questions Answered:

1. Are we living in a time of media glut?
2. What is a modern curator?
3. Is today’s economy of taste more democratic and does this equate to a change in the quality of taste?
4. What can we expect to happen in the future based upon our current understanding of Curatorial Culture?
5. How can I align myself and my business with The Curatorial Culture Revolution?

We here at SOTC miss no chance to razz Chris and/or hail the Curatorial Culture Revolution, so count us in! We’ve got great ideas for visual aids.