The Comedy Stylings Of Gibby Haynes: “The Plastic Was Black, So Haynes Described It As His ‘Negro Baby Doll Leg'”


So the gleeful journalism-destroyers over at the sports blog Deadspin have declared this Deadspin Music Week, and included a delightful tale of irascible Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes’ inspired performance last month during a comedy show at the Bell House. Invited as a surprise guest by Eugene Mirman, it seems Gibby brought a prop along!

Then, the 52-year-old Haynes pulled out a large plastic leg from his messenger bag. He’d found this baby doll leg on the street, he said. (It actually looked more like a leg from a child-size mannequin). The plastic was black, so Haynes described it as his “negro baby doll leg.” Then he said it again: “negro leg.” And again: “negro leg.”

The room wasn’t quite silent, but only a few of us were laughing. Haynes was goading the Brooklyn crowd, begging to be booed. As luck would have it, the most vocal objections came from a chick sitting in front of me. “Stop saying the word ‘negro’!” she yelled. Haynes ignored her. Again, she yelled: “Stop saying the word ‘negro’!” And again.

She and Haynes went back and forth for a few beats. He directed obscene gestures her way; she wrongly accused him of not being funny. With every rebuke, more of the crazy got in her eyes. When Haynes finally called her an “evil fucking cunt”–that was it. She stormed the stage and tried to grab the microphone.

Those expecting this anecdote to end with Gibby feigning masturbation and “blow[ing] a load of shiny confetti all over the girl” will not be disappointed. It’s too bad, on one level, that she did confront him, as the sight of Gibby Haynes shouting “negro” at a room full of people that refused to get riled up about it would be funnier than anything he might’ve intended. This will have to do.