Wall Street Journal Discovers This Whole “Hat” Trend Thing


Are you a young man, located in “areas like Williamsburg, Brooklyn,” who likes to wear hats? Are you inspired by Justin Timberlake and “pictures of Frank Sinatra”? Do you consider your hat a part of your “look,” but just can’t nail down the proper hat etiquette? The Wall Street Journal can help.

In a video released today on their website, “Hat Tips for Hipsters,” Ray Smith expounds on the origins of the “new” hat trend and about rules for wearing said hats.

Things the Journal has learned: “Today’s men wear their hats casually, with jeans and a t-shirt. And they’re also wearing them indoors, much to the chagrin of the old guard.”

And some young men “don’t feel compelled to take them off indoors.” PHILISTINES! However: manners expertperson Emily Post (who died in 1960) notes that it’s alright for a man to wear a hat indoors as long as it’s part of his “look,” and as long as he takes it off when being introduced to someone (which, at a bar or club, is like every minute or so, so I guess you might as well not wear a hat at all).

You’re welcome, Men of Williamsburg:

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