Where Am I Eating? — Saltfish and Ackee at Obama Flavour


This week’s Where Am I Eating? was a toughie, and the three-part question posed with the original post proved nearly impossible. Accordingly, we offered a further clue this morning and simplified the contest by whittling it down to a single question, asking contestants to identify the dish, and showing the facade of the restaurant where it was served.

Though it looks like scrambled eggs when cooked, ackee is a plant native to Jamaica with three seeds. The fruit is poisonous until cooked, but delicious thereafter, and is conventionally served at breakfast with salt cod. But don’t worry that cod is endangered — the fish used these days is really pollock.

The winner is kim, a Fork in the Road regular. kim, please email Sarah DiGregorio at, and she’ll give you a choice of cookbooks. Thanks for playing!

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