Where Am I Eating? — Updated and Simplified, With an Additional Clue


Steam rises from today’s dish, slightly obscuring the details.

Update: OK, I made this thing way too hard. Now you only have to identify the dish to win a cookbook. Please take a stab at it, and if you still need a clue, a picture of the restaurant is reproduced on the jump.

Time once again to play Where Am I Eating? Last week, the contest was perhaps too easy, and ERF won it right away. Well, this week we’re uppin’ the ante.

Please identify the dish above, tell us what country it originated in, and tell us where we got the version in the picture. The first question is tough, the second easy if you know the first answer, the third question next to impossible — unless you’ve actually eaten at the place. Good luck!

As always, the winner gets a cookbook from the Fork in the Road stash.