JetBlue Passenger Goes Berserk, Causing Emergency Landing


What’s JetBlue pumping through their vents these days? Today, an “unruly customer” on a flight from Boston to the Dominican Republic caused an emergency landing in Washington D.C., according to Fox News. This is the second flier to go categorically and technically batshit this week, following our nation’s new “hero,” Steven Slater, who swooped out the emergency slide, storming out of work.

Little’s known about what made the customer’s behavior “unruly”, but there are no reports of a slide being deployed or beers being taken on the way out. The customer was taken into custody, and a security official close to the situation said that the behavior may have been due to an anxiety attack, which may or may not have been caused by the undue pressure now put on people who’re going to freakout on planes to live up to a higher standard.

[via Gothamist]