Kanye West Played A Secret All-Formal-Attire Show at the Box Last Night


For those of you wondering why certain select people in your Twitter feed started complaining late last night about having to put on something nice and go somewhere secret, here is your answer: Kanye played an unannounced, all-formal-everything show (men weren’t allowed in unless they had a suit and tie on) in the early morning hours today at the Box. West brought John Legend, Estelle, Consequence, and Pusha T through the goofy burlesque club for a set that ranged from the new (“Moma’s Boyfriend,” above) to what The Fader dubbed “a power finish”: “Power,” “Good Life”, and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” It was an afterparty of sorts for Rihanna’s earlier stand at MSG where, Kanye would later tell the crowd, he wept with pride. At the Box, there were self-deprecating adlibs (“This next song’s from my album African Child“), even sillier piano noodling from Legend, and the formal coining of the term for Kanye’s new hyper dressed-up swag: Rosewood. Make of that what you will, and see what you missed, below: