Morning Links: Man Paddles from FL to NYC; Steven Slater Wants his Job Back; Wrongfully Convicted Man Is Released After 27 Years


Steven Slater, hero for all of America’s disgruntled workers, wants his job back, but an internal memo from JetBlue’s Chief Operating Officer points out that the story has not been corroborated, and says that deployment of the emergency slides with “force to kill a person” is not a laughing matter. [Post]

After much criticism for being pro anorexia, the Pretzel Crisps “You Can Never Be to Thin” ads were still on display in San Francisco as of yesterday. Well, if all publicity is good publicity, the the Pretzel Crisp ad team deserves a fat bonus. [NYC The Blog]

Man paddle boards from Florida to New York City to raise awareness of ocean litter. [Daily News]

Wrongfully convicted of rape, Michael Green is released from prison after 27 years. [Times]

MTA rejects WTF ads that criticize fare hikes but resemble official notices and may be “offensive, improper or in bad taste.” [Animal]

Islamic Center Developer, Soho Properties, is open to talks of moving. [Daily News]