MTA to Put Fancy-ChiChi Stores in Subway Stations


Now, here’s an MTA scheme we can get behind! The transit authority is trying to get high-end retail stores to open up locations in subway stations, which could provide the double whammy of bringing in more rent money and making it easier to buy trinkets during your commute.

There are already 345 retail spots in the subway system, translating to $70 million in rent and fees. Most of them are of the newsstand variety, but a new store called Grast recently opened in the Port Authority subway station. The store is pretty hip-looking and sells t-shirts and headphones and the like, and according to one of the managers quoted in AM New York, it’s doing pretty well – paving the way for more, nicer stores.

The MTA is also apparently trying to “dress up the look” of its underground newsstands.

On the one hand, no one wants to spend more time than absolutely necessary down in the subway system. On the other, people like to buy things, just to buy them. So there’s that. And all the ridiculous possibilities it could yield.