New York’s Missing Restaurant Chains; Irrational Fear of Peaches




This week in food blogs:

Eater rounded up the top 10 restaurant chains it wishes would set up shop in New York City.

Grub Street had a run-in with a furry little crumb thief outside Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.

Feast listed its favorite pasta places, including Scarpetta, Marea, and Convivio.

Diner’s Journal answered the question “Why don’t my guests invite me over?”

Serious Eats posted everything you ever wanted to know about boiling water.

Midtown Lunch noticed that there are only about 100 regular-priced tickets left for the Vendy Awards.

Slashfood taste-tested the new McDonald’s Angus Snack Wrap. The verdict? Considering the calorie count, you might as well just have a burger.

Chowhound looked at how Maury Povich handles a guest with an irrational fear of peaches.