The Terror Babies Conspiracy Anderson Cooper Freakout! (Video)


Terror Babies. Yes, “Terror Babies.” Anderson Cooper recently had Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) on his show to discuss Terror Babies. And Gohmert freaked out on Cooper and started yelling at him. What are Terror Babies, you ask?

Terror Babies are babies born to tourists who come to the U.S., thus getting said babies U.S. Citizenship, so they may one day re-enter the country and become scary terrorists!

Not even kidding. This is actually something discussed on the floor of the House of Representatives. The end result of this, of course, if anyone ever believed it, are pregnant women being stopped at the border and frisked to ensure they’re not hiding any C4 in their birth canals (in addition to Baby Bin Ladin, or whatever). The conspiracy has involved a lot of former FBI officials who can’t be named by those purporting the conspiracy, and then the former FBI officials who can be named and are going on-record noting this as some seriously ridiculous shit.

Anyway: Watch as this guy starts screaming at Cooper at about 2:15. It really doesn’t need any more context. We have politicians in America, many of whom are both stupid and insane, because many politicians are stupid and insane people getting into easy, yet thankless jobs they think they’re smart enough to manipulate into furthering their own power, and most of them aren’t. A few are good, intelligent, sane people. For the record, most of the sane-intelligent people who could go into politics go into the private sector, though, because they realize they can just pay for their causes through funding the campaigns of idiots and make more money than said politicians would ever dream of. Which is why people like this end up on Anderson Cooper screaming about Terror Babies:


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