Uppity Flight Attendant Wants His Job Back


JetBlue’s Steven Slater, who famously bailed through the emergency slide when he felt an unruly passenger had ticked him off, now wants to put on his fabulous uniform again.

You see, he absolutely loves JetBlue. He adores being a flight attendant.

He’s aware of the inherent problems with the job, but doing it is in his blood (along with the beer he took as he bolted en route to his boyfriend).

There’s only one problem.

JetBlue can’t seem to get corroboration on Slater’s story about what led him to make such a diva exit.

And even if there was something tangible that led up to it, they’re convinced that such an act would still be utterly inappropriate.

I suggest Slater stick to peddling his story via books, TV movies, and reality shows.

If you’re gonna slide, you might as well go all the way down and do it on reality TV.