Watch Jay-Z Perform at Nike’s World Basketball Party at Radio City Music Hall Last Night


Here we have the third leg of the big-tent rap tripod that set up over an unwitting New York City last night, joining Rihanna’s sold-out MSG stand and Kanye West’s secret Rosewood performance in the annals of shows you really wanted to get into but couldn’t. Preceding Shawn Carter was the 2010 USA Basketball National Team, who briefly played ball on the floor; later brought the odd spectacle of Jay-Z performing “Run This Town” to Rihanna’s backing track even as a few blocks south Rihanna performed the same song in duet with a recorded Jay-Z. Perhaps if you stood somewhere around the corner of 39th and 7th you could’ve gotten both at the same time? Half of the concert is above, the other half–in which Jay exhorts all the small children in the audience to put on earmuffs–is right here:

Video: Jay-Z performs at NIKE’s World Basketball Festival (Full Set) [Miss Info]