Week In Review: Aw Dude, You Missed It


It’s Friday the 13th, and if you’re as superstitious as we are here at SOTC, you’ll stay away from the outside world altogether. Lucky for you, though, we’ve put together a pretty awesome rundown of dance parties to visit this weekend — starting Saturday, of course. Today is also a great day to stay in and reflect on all the cool, super-exclusive shows you were too uncool to get into last night, like Kanye West’s top-secret, top-hat-required show at the Box, Rihanna’s sold-out “The Last Girl on Earth Tour” show at Madison Square Garden, or Jay-Z’s stint at Nike’s World Basketball Party at Radio City Music Hall, all proving that Thursday was a sad day to be a not-quite-cool-enough hip-hop fan.

Other than that, it was a pretty standard week: M.I.A. got kicked off yet another stage (she also debuted a new video or two), Wyclef Jean is still running for the Haitian presidency with zero political experience and some questionable money-management issues, and as predicted, Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs was #1 (even though their label, Merge, thinks it ain’t no thang). Fellow Merge labelee’s Versus also had a big week, celebrating the release of their first album in a decade at The Rock Shop Thursday night.

Some rare and interesting (to say the least) collaborations came to light this week, like Freddie Gibbs’ upcoming guest-star spot on Bill Simmons’ podcast and the premiere of Erykah Badu and Rick Ross’ “Window Seat” remix video in which they assassinate… someone. Rick Ross also caught a little heat this week from Young Jeezy, but promptly responded (sort of).

Brooklyn welcomed two new music venues: Rouge 58 and Live at the Pyramids, which is good, since Jelly’s Pool Parties are getting way too damn expensive to throw. Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” video also arrived, which doesn’t have anything to do with Brooklyn or its venues, but does feature lots of lingerie and gummy bears.

Stuff you should definitely download: Camu Tao’s “Be a Big Girl,” Kanye West’s new “See Me Now”, Franz Nicolay’s “This is Not a Pipe”, and I’m in You’s “Beast.” Oh, and both of these. Have a great weekend, and see you Monday.