What’s the Fakest Movie You’ve Ever Seen That Was “Based on a True Story”?


For me, it would have to be A Beautiful Mind, the 2001 Ron Howard-directed drama in which Russell Crowe played John Forbes Nash Jr., a mathematical genius who unfortunately was also schizophrenic.

Filming this story was an ambitious venture, but as it turned out, they didn’t really film it!

The math in the movie was dumbed down, the biographical details were way fudged, and what was totally eliminated was the fact that Forbes Nash Jr. was at the very least bi.

In Hollywood, your hero can be totally crazy, but he can’t be LGBT!

The result, of course, was so sweetened and formulized that it won the Oscar for Best Picture.

I would have had more respect for it if they’d simply dreamed up a completely fictional story with similar themes rather than pretend it was based on fact (or, as they ended up putting it, “inspired by incidents…”).

So which true stories made you scream, “Liar, liar, pants on fire”?

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