Man Pushes Woman Into Subway, Works at Cipriani, Claims to Be Osama Bin Laden


The cool weather last night might have indicated that New York City’s summer is coming to an end, but there’s still a fair amount of homicidal crazy in the air. Take, for instance, Jose Rojas, a 25-year-old man from the Bronx, who shoved a woman into an oncoming subway train, unprovoked. It’s pretty much every New Yorker’s worst nightmare to be the closest vulnerable body nearby when one of the city’s thousands of unhinged or nearly-there lunatics finally snaps. Ute Linhart was that person on Thursday evening, lucky enough to escape with only a few broken bones. Today, the Post has more on Mr. Rojas, terror incarnate.

But first, the story of the crime. Obviously, it’s a twisted tale like this — and starring a blonde woman! — that excites the Post, so forgive the sensationalism. Better yet, roll with it; you’ll never ride the train again.

Linhart was standing on the uptown platform when Rojas “came creeping up on me,” she said. “He stood next to me for a few seconds and stared at my face. He looked insane.”

As the 400-ton train barreled into the station, he pushed her from behind, she said.

Linhart was struck by the train and flung back onto the platform.

But it’s the randomness that’s truly haunting: “I have no idea why [he did it],” the victim said. “I do not know this person.”

Slowly but surely, Rojas’s story is coming out, beginning, as tabloids do, with co-workers. Rojas, it seems, “started that day cooking up veal and calves liver at Cipriani Downtown,” and the murderous rampage came later:

“We’re really quite shocked. He’s a nice guy. Always very quiet,” one manager, who asked his name not be used, said of suspect Jose Rojas.

“He was a good guy, a good worker. We didn’t notice anything.”

The cops tell a different story:

At the time of his arrest, he told cops, “My name is Osama bin Laden! F – – k you!”

And there you have it — a subway accident, an unhinged maniac and Osama Bin Laden — every New York nightmare rolled into one.

[NYP via Daily Intel]

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