BREAKING: Baby Bear With Head Stuck in a Jar for 10 Days Can Eat Again


The Daily News comes through with a curious Sunday afternoon report: a black bear cub, whose head was stuck in a jar preventing eating or drinking for 10 days, is finally free again. With a stroke of unoriginality, the bear had been called “Jarhead.” Thanks to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, specifically their “bear-response agent,” for handling this one. If you recall this happening before, that’s because it has:

Oh, you’re dying for more info?

Biologists had to shoot the cub’s fiercely protective mother with a tranquilizer dart so they could tackle Jarhead and remove the container.

“But the tough little bear lived up to its U.S. Marine moniker and did not give up without a fight,” the FWC wrote on its website.

The bear family, who were moved into a trap and observed overnight, were released the next morning when the team was satisfied they were in good condition.

“Although the story appears to have a happy ending,” the FWC wrote, “it truly illustrates one of the worst things that can happen when wildlife gets into garbage.”

“One of the worst things that can happen when wildlife gets into garbage.” Sunday afternoon in the news, ladies and gentlemen!

(photo by Connolly/Ocala National Forest via NYDN / Yahoo)

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