‘Craigslist Killer’ Found Dead in Jail


The tabloid-favorite Boston University medical student, accused of murdering a woman he found through Craigslist, was found dead in his cell on Sunday, NBC News is reporting. Last April, Philip Markoff, 24, pleaded not guilty to shooting Julissa Brisman, who he allegedly met online, and robbing a woman in Las Vegas. He was scheduled for trial in July, though it was postponed until early 2011. Markoff hit a nerve with the news due to his scholarly success and ideal-looking life, including his engagement to a fellow medical student. Also, “Craigslist Killer” just sounds terrifying.

Today, via

Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office told NBC News that Philip Markoff, 24, was declared dead by emergency medical workers at about 10:15 Sunday morning. The body was found in the Nashua Street Jail.

Whether foul play or suicide, details will surely follow. Likely, for days.

UPDATE: As expected, many outlets are coming out now with confirmations of suicide. The New York Post reports:

“Craigslist killer” Philip Markoff committed suicide in jail this morning, almost two months after he was indicted on charges of murdering a New York woman he’d solicited from the Internet site.

“Sad to say, it’s very true. It’s shocking and very saddening,” Markoff’s defense attorney, John Salsberg, told the paper.

Jail officials would not say where Markoff’s body was found or how he committed suicide.