Honda vs. Hipsters: Australian Ads Target ‘Ironic’ Young People in Skinny Pants


Honda Australia “asked the question: how much hipster can you pack into a Jazz?” A Jazz, apparently, is a new kind of car that is small, but spacious? I the commercial above, the hip youths try to put vinyl in the car’s CD player, fill crevices with what must be the Australian equivalent of Pabst Blue Ribbon and are holding copies of books — hip books! — like Everything Is Illuminated. Oh, and bikes, with fixed gears. Other versions of the commercial are titled “Massive,” “Ninja,” and “Rap.” But Honda seems to have a special scorn (wink?) for the hipster set, as they’ve allegedly followed up with a print ad, “apologizing” for stereotyping, and then making jokes about Animal Collective. Haha! The ad seems to be going semi-viral, which is, of course, the point. See it after the jump.

Tumblr user (hipster blogging) asecretworld (Emma, 25, Melbourne, hipster) posted the following ad noting, “This is a real ad that featured in one of Melbourne’s street mags last week.”

“Facial hair and androgynous haircut,” they write. “MP3 support for listening to Animal Collective,” it says. “Skinny jeans.” This ad may very well be real! (But what would Dov Charney say?)

It matches the tone of the television YouTube spot perfectly. And this wouldn’t be the first time the car business has targeted the group they’re dubbing “hipsters.” The Ford Flex, which works without a key, boasted “wear skinny jeans in one.”

What’s the joke here? That hipsters — lovers of Kerouac, Godard, “individuality” — are also self-deprecating? As well as vain consumers? So being depicted in advertisements, disparaging on their surface, will still foster an association with the brand? I’m asking seriously.