Kanye West’s Sunday Morning Mixtape, As Told to Twitter


The man had a long week. After finishing a new song with Beyoncé at 5 a.m., Kanye decided he should debut it on the radio the following afternoon. He really did it. The next night he played a secret show at New York City club The Box, in which everyone was required to wear formal attire, part of West’s new Rosewood movement. Then, the internet — already hyped on West-mania (he has a Twitter, have you heard?) — got to whispering about a collaboration with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. Last night, Kobe Bryant helped him finish the remix for “Power.” In other words, Kanye keeps winning.

Now it’s Sunday morning and he’s chillin’ at the crib with the “Wi Fi connect for the I pod.” Here’s what he’s listening to:

Justin Bieber- Runaway Love

Tweet(s): “Listening to @Justin Bieber “Run Away love” … I love Sunday mornings in the crib” … “I just did the most cliche celebrity tweet of all time… listening to! When people tweet that I’m always like… uuum great .. so what!” … “But I have listened to Runaway Love about 10 times so far … ironically I got a song called Runaway on my new album too”

About 10 times, for proper effect. Bieber, in turn, responded with possibly the most humanizing moment of his career:

A bromance ensued. But moving on…

La Roux- Bulletproof

Tweet: “La Roux Bullet Proof on repeat right now”

Also on repeat. Let’s say, three times, judging by time stamps on the tweets.

Aaron Neville- Tell It Like It Is

Tweet: “Aaron Neville – Tell It Like It Is …. I know I’m so random…”

So random, so smooth.

Drake featuring Lil Wayne- Miss Me

Tweet: “Drake – Miss Me #FREEWEEZY”

Free Weezy, though.

Fiona Apple- Sleep to Dream

Tweet: Fiona Apple – “Sleep to Dream… one of my favorite opening lines to a song… ‘I have never been so insulted in all my life!'”

Fellow veterans of the public meltdown.

Matt & Kim- Daylight (Ninjasonik Remix)

Tweet: “Matt & Kim – Daylight … drums are so stupid on this song!! peep this Ninjasonik flip”

Brooklyn, stand up.

U2- Stuck in a Moment

Tweet: “Have you heard the U2 joint called Stuck In a Moment? It’s one of my favorites classics.”

Bono, stand up.

Justin Bieber- Runaway Love

Tweet: “Yo this Runaway Love is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on my 17th listen 2day!!! Every time I get to that song I got go in 4 times!!”

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

UPDATE: He told us he was going jogging (in Lanvin, naturally) and “signing off.” Not so fast. Encore, encore:

M.I.A.- Bamboo Banga

Tweet: “Some mornings I have to play that old M.I.A album… I just have to… Bamboo Banga M.I.A coming back POOOWEEERRR POOOWERRRRR”

Stay tuned.

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