Bedbugs Now Feasting on 1 in 10 New Yorkers


Well, happy Monday. According to a new Daily News poll, one in 10 (or more than 800,000!) New Yorkers have had bedbugs. Which means, if you have, you’re not alone, and if you haven’t, well, there’s no need to be snooty about it because no one knows where their little sucky mouths will strike next. Even Bergdorfs is worried.

There are some political lines in the, er, mattress: Bedbugs seem to like Democrats more than Republicans — 12 percent of Demos had them, while only 2 percent of Republicans dealt with infestations. (Switching parties, however, will probably not help matters.) Twice as many folks who made $50,000 a year or less had them. And, as we mentioned several weeks ago, Brooklyn is the worst off (as are Queens and Staten Island, with 10 percent of residents reporting bug sightings). The Bronx followed with 8 percent, and Manhattan with 3 percent.

Meanwhile, horrifyingly, scientists say that just half of people are actually allergic to bedbug “secretions”; those who are not never get visible bites — meaning they may never know they have an infestation. Ugh. We’re off to buy our bedbug protectant mattress encasement, not that we have bedbugs or anything. Yet.

On the bright side: More New Yorkers have herpes than bed bugs! Or…wait. Nevermind.