Con-Artist Cabbies Convicted in Troubling Taxi Fare Fraud


Remember the Great Taxi Scam of 2010? A few cabbies, it turned out, were charging passengers the (double) suburban rate It brought out sympathy from people who felt bad for cabbies, exaggerations from the Taxi and Limousine Commissioner, and media outlets looking ridiculous dropping the ball on the story. Well, now it’s come to its riviting conclusion, as the hacks had their day in court. Results?

Via the New York Post, each driver got nailed with an $850 fine and “had [their] licence(s) revoked,” though they didn’t mention which licences were revoked — presumably, their drivers’ licenses — or for how long they got them taken away for. The fun part, however, is this:

The greediest of the six was cabbie Michael John, who ripped off riders 570 times between Sept. 6, 2008, to Feb. 27, 2010, the court found. The other hacks pulled off the ruse 330, 492, 221, 315, and 231 times.

Earlier this year, the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission said there are 545 money-grubbing hacks who pulled off the scam between 50 and 499 times – and a disturbing 88 who did it more than 500 times.

…if only because it’s telling of who takes cabs more than anyone else in this town: easy marks. Or as everyone else calls them: “tourists,” “drunk people,” or “new to the city.”