Fired General Stanley McChrystal Gets a New Job at Yale


General Stanley McChrystal has a new high-falutin’ academic gig! After that whole whoopsie over the Rolling Stone article in which he was quoted making disparaging comments about President Obama and other White House leaders — and then fired from his post as commander of the Afghanistan war — he’s bounced back and will head off to Yale, where he’ll teach a grad-level seminar on leadership, or “examine how dramatic changes in globalization have increased the complexity of modern leadership.”

If by globalization they mean media, we say, complex, indeed! We presume “how to talk shit about your bosses to reporters and not get fired” will fall within his teaching agenda, or at least it should.

But maybe not. Because as these things go, firing is sort of the new hiring. Apparently everyone wanted a piece of McCrystal, from “large corporations to nongovernmental organizations and even some wounded warrior groups seeking his leadership, sources said. And he will undoubtedly have a future on the speaker’s circuit.” If you’ll recall, we predicted Twitter jockeyism (a/k/a, second chances!) for him way back when. Now, we see BOOK DEAL.

[Via NBC Connecticut, Politico]