Is the Bronx Getting the Shaft?


Bronx County, better known as the Bronx: the Birthplace of Hip-Hop. The fourth-most populated borough. Home to the richest baseball franchise and the most recognizable of international sports brands, and also, one of the five poorest congressional districts in the country. But is it under-recognized? One blogger thinks so, and has now dedicated a blog to just how much the Bronx gets the shaft.

Via Bronx blog BoogieDowner comes the latest single-serving Tumblr blogthing, We Live In The Bronx, But. Only two posts have gone up so far — one about State Senator Pedro Espada, who should “not mimic Lil’ Wayne,” which he did by tossing money at protesters, the other about trash outside elementary schools — but what’s there looks promising. The mission statement:

Over-educated and pissed off that the only place I can afford to live is in the Bronx. And in this borough, I meet so many people who bitch and destroy the very place they live daily. Even worse are those who are apathetic. So this blog is my outlet…

Well, anonymous blogger behind We Live In The Bronx, But…, we look forward to your reasoning as to Why The Bronx Is Getting The Shaft; particularly of interest to us are the wonderful parts of The Bronx getting the shaft: Show us them! Make your case! Blog for The Bronx. Was it not Bronx-bred KRS-One who instructed everyone on what they must learn? It was. Carry the torch, blogger! Carry it.