Le Grand Fooding’s Menu Is Up and Ready for Scrutiny


With a little more than a month to go before it returns to P.S.1 on September 24 and 25, Le Grand Fooding has announced what will be on the menu for its two-night extravaganza.

Chefs and bartenders from New York and San Francisco will offer the paying public the spoils of their symbolic turf war, and if the descriptions are any indication, then victory will belong to anyone fortunate enough to wield a fork and knife.

On Friday, with cocktails supplied by Jim Meehan and Rickhouse’s Erick Castro (who will reprise their cocktails the subsequent evening), the menu will be as follows:

  • Pickle salad New Yorkese by MARIO CARBONE and RICH TORRISI, Torrisi, NYC
  • Beets, goat cheese, walnuts by DAVID CHANG, Momofuku, NYC
  • Vegetables on a plate by JEREMY FOX, Plum, OAKLAND
  • Wood-grilled pork ribeye, smoked tomato jam by LAURENCE JOSSEL, Nopa, SF
  • Tennessee-style fried chicken by by ROBERT NEWTON Brooklyn, NYC
  • Scallops with smoked stone fruit emulsion, licorice herbs by JAMES SYHABOUT, Commis, OAKLAND
  • Braised beef & onion pie with Bleu d’Auvergne, by APRIL BLOOMFIELD, The Spotted Pig, NYC

Saturday looks like it will be a meatier affair:

  • Beef cooked in beef fat, anchovy crostone, parsley and fried garlic, by NATE APPLEMAN, Pulino’s, NYC
  • September vegetables grilled on carbonized pork bones by DAN BARBER, Blue Hill, NYC
  • Squab, ras el hanout, cherry by MOURAD LAHLOU, Aziza, SF
  • Octopus, charred lemon, yogurt, taggiasca olives by BRIAN LETH, Vinegar Hill House, Brooklyn, NY
  • Vegetables on a plate by DANIEL PATTERSON Coi, SF
  • Suckling pig confit with summer fruit mostarda by MELISSA PERELLO, Frances, SF
  • The db Bistro Frenchie Burger, by LAURENT KALKOTOUR, db Bistro Moderne, NYC

Dessert appears nowhere on either menu, though even without it, it seems safe to assume that no one will be in danger of starving.