Morning Links: Tolls Rise in Pakistan Flooding; Steven Slater Gets Reality Show; Bleach Spills in Times Square


Flooding in Pakistan has now killed 1,463, according to the country’s Disaster Authority. One-fifth of the country is under water, and a ninth of the population has been displaced — approximately 900,000 are homeless. Aid workers have reported cases of cholera and other waterborne diseases. Meanwhile, flood survivors are protesting slow delivery of relief aid. [CNN, NYT, WP]

China is now the world’s no. 2 economy, knocking Japan out of that spot. [NPR]

Steven Slater, disgruntled JetBlue flight attendant, has reportedly been offered a reality TV show. [TMZ]

Oil is still washing up on Gulf coast beaches. [NPR]

A machine malfunctioned at Astor Plaza, at 1515 Broadway, on Sunday night, causing a 30-gallon bleach spill. Six blocks in the area to be closed for about an hour while the building underwent decontamination. [NYT]

Location scouts are seeking an apartment near Hester between Orchard and Essex for an upcoming Keanu Reeves movie. LES residents, this could be your big chance for…something. [Bowery Boogie]

Internet Explorer turns 15 today. [Mashable]

Ice cream turf wars in NYC! [NYC The Blog]