New York Post Disappointed That Guy Shot by Cops 21 Times Won’t Be Charged With Attempted Murder


Aw. The New York Post has a “sadz” this afternoon. Someone, quick: reach into your heart and pull out your most tightly-strung heartstrings.

Angel Alverez — the young man who may have broken the record for being shot more times than anyone else…and living…after a Harlem shootout last week — will not be charged with attempted murder, with the DA instead opting for a weapons possession charge. Notes the Post in a filing titled “Man shot 21 times in Harlem cop shootout not charged with attempted murder” they cutely open with “He’s dodging yet another bullet.” and continue with:

Alvarez had picked the gun up off the pavement and fired at cops after another party goer, Luis Soto, was mortally wounded in the fusillade, cops had said. But prosecutors today have drawn up a criminal complaint against Alvarez that only hits him with felony criminal possession of a gun, said his lawyer, Matthew Galluzzo.

Cops and prosecutors are continuing to investigate the shooting. “I think they didn’t charge him because they didn’t have the evidence to prove it,” Galluzzo told reporters as Alvarez awaited arraignment on the complaint

Well, that’s one way to put it. Another is that the NYPD — who has one of the sharper ballistics departments in the country, out of necessity — might not want to overreach in a case that will further attract attention for the NYPD’s use of excessive force (more bullets than necessary = less training = mediocre cops = worried/pissed-off public = bad press), like that time they pumped 50 bullets into Sean Bell the day before he was due to be married (inspiring one of the best anti-police anthems since N.W.A.’s “Fuck Tha Police,” Papoose’s mildly disturbing “50 Shots”).

But, you know. Just a theory.