Ninja-Thieves Wielding Telephone Cord Rob Diamond District Store


An armed duo of jewel thieves busted into Namat Inc. diamond store in Midtown yesterday afternoon wearing all black (like ninjas) including hats and sunglasses (less like ninjas), and made off like bandits with $29,000 in cash and $37,000 in jewels, according to the Daily News.

The pair of burglars, one skinny and one stocky, tied up the owner and his son with telephone cord and a cable wire — very 1990s circa Home Alone. Kevin McCallister’s Talkboy tapes of the incident (or security tapes from the NYPD) should surface any minute now.

The thieves pointed a gun at the owner’s head and demanded that he open the safe. He did, and they made off with the money. No one was injured in the robbery, though Daily News commenters point out that a movie-like robbery in broad daylight, complete with tied-up victims, is a little suspicious. An inside job for insurance fraud or a case of nimble old-fashioned robbers? We’ll keep you posted as the plot unfolds.