Pervy Rabbi Tricks Traif With Kosher Prison Meals


Feels like the New York Post missed a great headline in this one: a Rabbi housed on Rikers Island stopped eating not because he wasn’t being served Kosher meals, but because the meals weren’t certified by a Rabbi of his choice…

…thus reinforcing the stereotype of kvetching New York Jews. Notes the Post:

Baruch Lebovits, convicted of molesting a 16-year-old friend of his son and awaiting trial on another sex-abuse charge, refused to eat the kosher meals the jail provided because he didn’t approve of the rabbi who supervised their preparation. He’s now getting food certified by a rabbi of his choice.

Lebovits received a sentence of 10 2/3 to 32 years in April when the NY Daily News reported the outcome of the case of the rabbi, when they also noted that the kid he’d molested years ago had since turned to a life of petty crime and quoted one source noting that the victim would “never be the same.” Another guy who had molested kids claimed to have been molested by Lebovits himself, too. Reminder: Lebovits is now deciding not to have Kosher food, but which Rabbi would certify that food. As if having to eat Kosher food — colorless, tasteless, generally not-great except on certain holidays — was bad enough, to have to eat it at Rikers? Notably, this is the second time in a week Rikers has been in the news for their foodstuffs.